BattleDrome. The Modern Coliseum for gladiatorial combat.

Build, train, and trade gladiators, and enter them in combat events for fun and profit!

Invest In The Crowdsale!

Crowdsale / ICO

Here is your opportunity to invest in the future of Online Gladiator Combat!

Invest now in the Crowdsale, and receive the initial disbursement of FAME, an ERC20 Compliant Token which will be the core of the entire BattleDrome experience!

FAME per ETH: 100
Goal: 50,000 FAME Sold
Max FAME: 2,000,000 FAME
5% of minted FAME goes to Dev Team
All un-sold FAME will be burned

  • No Pre-sale before ICO, 100% of FAME for ICO
  • Escrow: Secured! Provided by: monbux
  • Realistic limits on budgets
  • Gradual/Controlled release of funds to devs by Escrow
  • Limits on individual dev income (to allow scaling team)
  • Development has been underway for 2 years now
  • Proof of concept already completed
  • Beta to be launched shortly after ICO completion!
  • ICO Funding will greatly accelerate development

How will the funds be used?

Development - 70%
Marketing - 8%
Legal - 12%
Operating Costs - 10%

What Is BattleDrome?

BattleDrome is a platform/ecosystem for gaming which is built on top of a decentralized Battle Arena, allowing anyone to create a Warrior: an entity which exists on the Ethereum Network, which can be traded, trained, equipped, and entered into events to do battle with other Warriors for fun and profit!

Much like their roman gladiator predecessors, Warriors gain experience over time which they use to gain in skill and combat prowess. Warriors gain FAME throughout their career, a portion of which is transferred to their owner each time.

Events are regularly scheduled, by the community in a decentralized way, and have rules (number of warriors, skill level limitations, etc). Anyone may choose to enter their warriors during the "Registration Period". Following this period the "Wager Period" begins, allowing spectators to place wagers on the outcome of the event.

During both the registration and wager period, sponsors may choose to contribute some riches to be won by the victor of the event, in exchange for advertising during the event.

Perhaps now is a good time to mention that we intend for the events themselves to be a spectacle, visual, and animated, allowing the battle to unfold to spectators as you cheer on those who you've wagered on (and heckle those you've wagered against).

As the warriors battle, using the skills and equipment that their owner has helped them to gain (And the experience they've gained from previous battles), they may defeat other warriors. In this case a portion of the FAME held by the defeated warrior is taken by the one who bested them.

If at any time only a single warrior is left standing, they are victorious! Taking a large amount of FAME as a prize!

At any time an owner may retire their warrior, taking all the FAME of that warrior for themselves! But this warrior may never participate again, requiring them to start training a new warrior if they wish to continue to compete in events!


ERC20 Token that powers BattleDrome

FAME is the heart of the BattleDrome Ecosystem. Much like the ancient Colosseum of Rome, FAME is the currency that all owners/patrons are vying for, it's what the crew/workers manning the arena are hoping to earn, it's what the warriors take from one another through skillful combat, and it's what those wishing to garner attention, and market their wares use to advertise.

BattleDrome was designed from the ground up to be a multi-faceted platform to encourage the demand for FAME, while providing an enjoyable entertainment experience regardless of your pleasure.

From a technical perspective FAME will be a fully ERC20 compliant token, which will be issued once, with limited supply, no further FAME can be minted after the ICO. The currency also supports "burning" (permanent destruction of FAME tokens) which will be how we destroy un-sold tokens at the end of the ICO. As a result, over time, scarcity of the resource will increase.

There will be an absolute maximum of 2.1 Million FAME minted (2 Million max ICO goal + 5% for Dev Team) during the ICO, however the actual final amount in circulation will vary based on the success of the ICO.

Get Some in the Crowdsale!

The Team

Paul Mumby

Founder/Lead Developer

Paul is a long-time Engineer and Software Developer with experience ranging from electronics, to integrated circuit design, to robotics, to software architecture and development.

Paul has been involved in the blockchain ecosystem since the early bitcoin days, and has been involved in several notable projects. And his experience in Ethereum goes back to the original Ether crowdsale and the first releases of the Solidity language. With BattleDrome being just one of several projects and concepts created during that timeframe.

Currently he's CTO of a rapidly growing big data and reactive software development firm, where he solves some massive data and software problems for some of the worlds largest enterprises, and governments.

Jeff Warford


A longtime blockchain enthusiast, Jeff is an experienced Systems Architect, with a background in Linux system administration and backend web development. He now specializes in the design and architecture of web-oriented PaaS products.

Ian Anstey

Co-Founder/Systems Admin/Tester

Ian is an experienced systems integrator and architect with zeal for blockchain development and applications.

With a strong background in administration and deployment testing, he is currently a linux and virtualization integration specialist and consultant.


BattleDrome is a rich and broad gaming ecosystem which we've been working on for a couple years now.
Check out some of the features planned for launch:

Create/Own a Warrior

Create and Own a Warrior of your own, choose his skills, abilities, and decide how he advances as he earns experience

Watch him climb the ladder of the Arena earning you FAME and Glory along the way!

Weapons and Armor

Purchase Weapons and Armor for your Warrior!

They can bring the gear into combat to give them an advantage! But beware, they come at a price, and must be maintained as they take damage from heavy use!

Potions of Health

The local chemist has been busy! Purchase very costly potions of health to heal your warrior's wounds, so they can live to fight another day!

Or you can stock them up with potions before battle, so they can use them to endure great pain, and outlast their competition!


Not only can you trade FAME for other currencies, etc. But Warriors themselves can be bought and sold, or traded to other owners!

Warriors are a stand-alone Entity. They are their own Contract on the network. And their owner can be assigned (and re-assigned). Keep an eye out for our Warrior Marketplace shortly after launch!


Who needs the horse tracks! You can bet on live fights regularly on BattleDrome!

Wager on who you think will win, and profit greatly if they do!

Or time your wagers, after each match without a winner, the pot continues to grow!


Each Event is a spectacle to watch, watching the fight un-fold before you, not knowing what surprises come next! And each event will draw more attention with sponsorship for larger winnings!

By sponsoring an event you gain key advertising during the event, displayed to every spectator and participant!


Don't fancy yourself a wagering person? And don't want to enter your own warrior just yet?

Then help out during an event! Spectators can contribute by "working" the show

This ultimately "mines" transactions to further the match blow by blow.

Crew earn a portion of the FAME from each event based on their contribution!

Gain FAME and Riches!

Each time your warrior gains more FAME, you get a portion of it as his owner!

If your warrior is very successful so are you!

Each time your warrior defeats another, you take HALF of their FAME!

Pit your warrior against high ranking warriors for bigger rewards! (but only if he wins!)


Once your warrior has reached his "peak", you can choose to retire him, and ALL of his current FAME is transferred to you!

Beware though! Retiring your warrior means he can no longer fight! And all the time/energy you've invested in training him, and building up his skills will be finished! (until you start building up a new warrior!)


What is the expected release timeline after the ICO?

We've been working on this project for about 2 years now. We already have a proof of concept of the battle arena and warrior code in place and working on the test-net. We plan to develop this proof of concept into a fully functional Alpha and then Beta to release very shortly after the ICO completion.

The Alpha release will focus on taking the basic functionality of warrior/arena combat and providing a simple (non-animated) web based DApp/UI to enable users to test out the combat mechanics, and do a pass of balancing on the mechanics/rules. The Alpha will be missing the Wagering, Advertising, and Trading aspects.

The Beta release will again be limited to the arena/warrior centric features/activities. But it will include the interactive spectator engine (which renders the battles), which will be in an early beta state only, and may be buggy or lacking in some features. The Beta will also provide an additional pass of balancing/tuning to the combat engine and mechanics.

Neither the Alpha or Beta will use FAME Tokens, as they are on the testnet, we'll be using Testnet Ether as the primary currency for testing.

Finally as we near completion of production development, we'll be integrating all the feedback we continue to receive from the Alpha and Beta release, and driving towards a Release Candidate in early 2018. This RC will have all the full features of the final release version, including FAME integration, and will be deployed (likely using a temporary stand-in token TESTFAME for example) on the TestNet for final User Acceptance Testing, and final balancing. This RC also gives us one last chance to tune/adjust the economics with the full feature set before final release.

Final release would then occur shortly after the RC

Our proposed timeline for these releases is:

How do you plan on making the spectator engine engaging and interactive?

We intend to use a leading AAA Game Engine which supports deploying to an HTML5 medium.

We will build a game UI that will be embedded within the Web based DApp. This UI will handle all interactive rendering of actual combat, etc.

The Game Engine will have hooks into the JS layer, which will allow the DApp to feed blockchain Events up into the game engine

The combat engine on the blockchain emits events as a sort of "blow by blow" log of the combat. This happens in small bouts, spread evenly across multiple blocks. Since the Ethereum network has an approximate 15s block time, this means that every approximately 15s, a new batch of "events" is received, which are then replayed by the game engine.

With a bit of magic on the rendering side, we can smooth this out into a "real-time interactive" battle, that seems fairly natural. Using industry leading graphics and animations, to give an engaging spectator experience.

Advertising will be embedded into this game engine, and fed directly from the blockchain

Is there a "House" that takes a "Cut/Skim/Edge"?

Nope! The arena itself does have a fee to enter, this is used in conjunction with any sponsorship amounts to make up the prize pool, which a small share of which goes to the "crew" who supply transactions to advance the battles, and the rest goes to the winner!

All funds flow in a 100% decentralized way, and BattleDrome does not take a cut of any of the FAME flowing through it. Of course there are standard transaction fees/gas prices for the Ethereum network to take into account

What happens if nobody wins? Can there be a draw/tie?

Yes there can be a draw, where no single warrior wins. This is possible as for economic and technical reasons there must be a time-limit to matches (or specifically a limit on the number of transaction iterations the fight goes on for).

Because of the nature of the engine, it's entirely possible that 2 or more "well matched" warriors could "stalemate" indefinitely. So we must be able to call the match after a pre-determined limit.

In the event that there is no single winner the following happens:

  • No wagers win (since there is no winner)
  • No "Prize" is paid out to any of the warriors
  • The match is declared a draw
  • The FAME Prize Pot existing for this match is carried forward to the next match
  • All Wager amounts are pooled, and carried forward to add to the next matches wager pool

Ultimately this means that in the event of a draw, the funds are carried forward, and the prizes keep getting bigger, until someone ultimately wins them. Wager wins also get bigger, as in that next match a winning wager benefits from the current wager pool, and the carried forward wager pool.

What happens if my warrior is defeated? Do I lose all the FAME I've invested?

Defeat is a real and constant risk, but don't worry it's not permanent death!

When defeated a couple things happen:

  • Your warrior is removed from the current match, making him unable to win
  • The opponent who defeated your warrior receives HALF of your warrior's current FAME
  • You have the choice of paying a small fee (in FAME) to heal your warrior so he can fight again

You have to remember that any FAME that you invest in your warrior, to upgrade his skills, buy him gear, heal him, etc. Are all kept by your warrior. They are not taken by the arena, etc. Your warrior keeps it.

Your warrior also gains FAME each time he wins a match, or defeats another opponent. As a result the total FAME your Warrior holds may be much higher than that which you initially invested.

Each time your warrior gains a bit of FAME, a small portion of that is redirected to you as well.

At any time you can choose to retire your warrior, getting ALL of his current FAME sent to you, but permanently removing your warrior from the ability to participate in events going forward.

If your warrior is defeated and you choose (or can not) pay the fee to revive him, you can decide to "Abandon" the warrior, which will have the same ultimate effect as retiring him.

I'm a developer and would like to help out

We aren't currently hiring, but depending on the success of the ICO we may be expanding the team.

Please feel free to contact us via email or slack (in the page footer) and send us a resume, along with some examples of your work, and we can consider it when the time is right.

How exactly does the ICO contract work?

The ICO contract works slightly differently than some other ICOs run in the past. We've separated the ERC20 Token Contract and ICO contract to keep them isolated, and to keep them simpler. The contract works as follows:

  • ALL initially minted FAME is transferred from the ERC20 contract to the ICO contract upon creation
  • The ICO contract has a block number which defines the start, and the end of the ICO period. Note this is NOT a timestamp, it is a block number on the blockchain.
  • Once the ICO starting block is reached, anyone can simply send the ICO contract Ether. No special execution of methods is required. The contract will hold your balance in Ether until the ICO completion
  • There is a ceiling of the maximum amount of FAME sold. If this number is reached, the ICO will immediately end.
  • Once the ICO period has ended, the contract will determine if we've succeeded or not (have we reached the minimum goal). If we have succeeded:
    • All Ether sent is released to the dev team
    • All sold FAME is tallied up based on the total ether contributions sent in.
    • An additional 10% above this amount is forwarded to the dev team
    • Any excess FAME beyond this amount is burned (permenantly destroyed)
  • Regardless of if we are successful, or not. Following the close of the ICO period, anyone who contributed can then execute a "payMe()" method against the ICO contract. No parameters are required. This must be executed from the same address that sent in the contributions
  • All Contributions under a single address are added up, and if the ICO was successful, are paid out to the original sender in the form of FAME tokens, if un-successful, then the original Ether is returned to the sender.
What's with the small team? Can you pull this off?

I'm glad you asked, and the answer is an emphatic YES!

We are intentionally a small team, as we are targeting a small lightweight and lean operation. You may have noticed we also set our goals fairly low compared to many other "notable" ICOs floating around right now.

We feel that too large a team can hinder progress. We don't need lots of overhead, and expensive marketing budgets, with whole teams to run that stuff. Some of the most successful developments in the last decade have been made by small lean teams.

We just really want to build a cool DApp, and we're absolutely confident in our skills to do so in a reasonable timeframe, for a reasonable cost.

Our skills and experience both in this ecosystem, and the world of large scale enterprise projects, gives us everything we need to nail this project within the timeline proposed above.

We will however scale the team if the funding raised through the ICO supports it, but regardless we have no intention of scaling to a massive team.

Do you really think people will invest in FAME to participate in BattleDrome?

Considering the following points, we feel we have a very compelling service to the market demands in the current ecosystem:

  • Over 890 Million BTC were wagered in 2016 on online gambling sites. This equates to an annual market of approximately 2 Trillion USD (if we could capture even 0.1% of that market, that would equate to an annual demand for FAME measured at approximately 500,000 Ether per year)
  • Games purely on the blockchain have an inherent advantage over online gaming which requires trust
  • Games which provide a means to build something up over time create a sense of ownership, several recent gaming trends on web and mobile validate this observation
  • Games which provide a mechanism of skill instead of pure luck are far more likely to attract and retain players over time on gaming websites
  • By not taking any kind of Skim or House Edge, our game "pure". This provides an advantage over other games where the house seeks to profit directly
  • We have several future ideas for expansion on top of the platform, to increase the variety and type of activities you can participate in with your warrior, and create additional markets and avenues to drive demand for FAME
Do you have future plans to expand the game beyond the initial release?

DEFINITELY! We have several ideas to build the platform in a number of ways. And give you tons of interesting things for your warriors to do! But for now we're keeping the scope of the initial release reasonable, while keeping the design of the platform as a whole flexible enough to easily support augmentation in the future

Depending on the outcome of this ICO, and the future success of the platform we may choose to fund those augmentations a number of ways, but be rest-assured that FAME will be the central token aspect powering all of that emerging ecosystem.

Also keep in mind, while we have not published specs yet, the Warrior/FAME ecosystem will include an API, allowing other contract systems to intract as well. Meaning third parties can also build augmentations, and create other activities/games that your warriors can participate in!

Here is a sampling of some of the ideas we have for expansion sometime shortly after initial release:

  • Additional Arenas, perhaps with slightly different rules
  • Team based combat
  • PVE Dungeons, adding a dungeon-crawl and RPG type elements
  • Co-Op play
  • Cosmetic additions to your warrior
  • Ability to customize the "AI Behavior" of your warrior, including an "AI Market" for trading in behaviors to be "plugged into" your warrior
  • And many more!
Because you say the FAME token supports burning, does that mean I can lose my FAME?

NO! The burning mechanism can only be initiated by the owner of the FAME tokens being burned.

This is purely a mechanism to support the post-minting destruction of some of the total supply of FAME by the ICO contract after the completion of the crowdsale.

Don't worry, there is no way for some other entity to burn your FAME tokens without a transaction initiated by and signed by your Ethereum Private Key (and if 'they' had that, you've got bigger problems!)

Will you offer Escrow of ICO funds to better secure investors funds?

YES! We have secured Escrow services by monbux

Further Escrow details to be updated in this space shortly.